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The charismatic streamer who brings joy and laughter to thousands of viewers worldwide.
Degen Gambler
I'm an average Degen, paying my dues to Uncle Eddie
a passion for traveling and exploring new cultures
From Foodie to Fun
she takes you on mouthwatering culinary adventures alongside her entertaining streams.
Super-powered sense of humor.
dominating the gaming world with her impressive skills.

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How to get $35 Welcome Bonus
  1.  Create account on stake.com under ” hanvee ” code
  2.  Go to Discord server link below – Verify your account by clicking on ☑verify-here -> verify
  3.  Verify your username by following these steps: – Provide us stake username + proof of kyc level 2 + Deposit least 10$ + if you are high roller other site you can get extra in channel : 🚁⟦ref⟧-birdies-username🚁
  4.  Waiting. After that you need to wait least 48hours for checking.
How to Earn Points
  1. Account Registration: Users need to create an account on Kick.com to participate. This allows you to track their activity and points earned.

  2. Points System: Implement a points system where users earn points for various actions, including watching streams. The more they engage, the more points they accumulate. Users earn points simply by tuning in and watching streams. The longer they watch, the more points they accumulate. You might offer a base rate of points per minute watched.

How to Redeem Points

Log In and Access the Points Account: Users should start by logging into their account on your platform and navigating to the Shop section where their points balance is displayed.

Browse the Rewards Catalog: Provide a clear, categorized catalog of items, services, or perks that users can redeem their points for. This could include exclusive content, merchandise, discount vouchers, 

Select Rewards: Users can browse through the rewards catalog and select the item or service they wish to redeem their points for. Clearly display the number of points required for each reward.

Redeem Points for Rewards: Once a user selects a reward, they should confirm their choice and redeem the corresponding number of points. Ensure the process is simple and intuitive, with clear instructions and confirmations.

Receive Confirmation: After redemption, users should receive immediate confirmation via email or a notification on your platform. This confirmation should include details of the reward and how to access or claim it.

How to participate in giveaway

Tune into the Stream: Users need to watch the stream where the giveaway is taking place. Ensure that the giveaway details, including eligibility criteria and entry methods, are clearly announced or displayed during the stream.

Join the Telegram Channel: Users must be a member of the Telegram channel where the giveaway is being hosted. Make sure you’re subscribed to receive updates and announcements.

Join the Discord Server: Users need to be a member of the Discord server where the giveaway is being held. Make sure you’re in the correct server and have access to the appropriate channels.

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